Summer 2019 Courses

23/04/20194.00pm – 6.00pmDrop-in session for Y6 English Writing Assessment/Moderation Higher Lane
24/04/20194.00pm – 6.00pmDrop-in session for Y6 English Writing Assessment/Moderation CC Walshaw
25/04/20194.00pm – 6.00pmDrop-in session for Y6 English Writing Assessment/Moderation GMFRS
23/05/20192.30pm – 5.30pmDrop In Session for KS1 National Curriculm AssessmentsGMFRS
06/06/20194.00pm – 5.30pmDrop In Session for KS1 National Curriculm AssessmentsUnsworth Primary
12/03/19, 01/05/19 & 21/05/193.00pm – 4.30pmHow to Effectively Use Electronic Learning JournalsUnsworth Primary
26/06/20194.00pm – 5.30pmTeaching Early Years PE through Favourite Story BooksHolcombe Brook Primary
04/07/20199.30am – 12noonEarly Years Lead MeetingsUnsworth Primary
04/07/20191.00pm – 3.30pmEarly Years Lead MeetingsUnsworth Primary
24/04/20191.15pm – 3.45pmEngaging parents at the point of transitionUnsworth Primary
09/05/20191.15pm – 3.45pmSustained shared thinkingUnsworth Primary
21/05/20191.15pm – 3.45pmPrime Time: Physical DevelopmentUnsworth Primary
25/06/20191.15pm – 3.45pmLetters and Sounds Phase 1Unsworth Primary
01/07/20191.15pm – 3.30pmTeachers new to Year 1Unsworth Primary
09/05/20199.30am – 3.30pmY4/5 Writing & Reading Unit – ‘One Boy’s War’ Bolholt Stables
23/05/20199.30a.m – 12 noonSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y1Holcombe Brook Primary
23/05/201912.30pm – 3.00pmSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y3Holcombe Brook Primary
25/06/20199.30a.m – 12 noonSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y4Holcombe Brook Primary
25/06/201912.30pm – 3.00pmSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y5Holcombe Brook Primary
25/04/2019 & 26/04/199.00am – 4.00pmDesignated RequalificationBury Business Lodge
01/05/19, 02/05/19 & 03/05/199.00am – 4.00pmDesignated First Aid at WorkBury Business Lodge
13/05/20199.00am – 12.00pmFire Marshal/Fire SafetyBury Business Lodge
06/06/19 & 07/06/199.00am – 4.00pmPaediatric First AidBury Business Lodge
15/06/19 & 22/06/199.30am – 4.30pmPaediatric First AidBury Business Lodge
24/06/20199.00am – 4.00pmEmergency First Aid at WorkBury Business Lodge
03/07/20199.00am – 4.00pmFood Hygiene (inc Food Allergen)Bury Business Lodge
08/05/20198.30am – 12.30pmForbes Briefing – Handling ComplaintsVillage Hotel, Bury
19/06/20198.30am – 12.30pmForbes Briefing – Equality & DiversityVillage Hotel, Bury
30/04/20193.30pm – 6.00pmTimes Tables Test Y5Bolholt Stables
01/05/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths UKS2Bolholt Stables
02/05/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths KS1Bolholt Stables
07/05/20191.00pm – 4.00pmMaths LeadsBolholt Stables
08/05/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths LKS2Bolholt Stables
17/06/20191.00pm – 4.00pmSupporting DifferentationBolholt Stables
18/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths UKS2Bolholt Stables
19/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths LKS2Bolholt Stables
24/06/20191.00pm – 4.00pmPreparation for TransitionBolholt Stables
25/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths KS1Bolholt Stables
26/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmEYFS MathsBolholt Stables
01/05/20199.30am – 3.30pmTeaching Very Young ScientistsHolcombe Brook Primary
26/06/20199.30am – 3.30pmFocusing on Key Concepts in Primary ScienceHolcombe Brook Primary
04/06/20191.30pm – 3.30pmCreating an Autism Friendly ClassroomMillwood
11/06/20198.45am – 3.15pmMoving & Handling TrainingMillwood
13/06/2019 & 02/07/20191.00pm -4.00pmNurtured Heart Approach for Guiding Intense BehaviourBolholt Stables
17/06/20191.30pm – 3.30pmMaking Workstation Tasks (ASC)Millwood
08/07/20191.30pm – 3.30pmPE for Children with Physical DifficultiesMillwood
09/07/20191.30pm – 3.30pmAttention AutismMillwood
15/07/20191.30pm – 3.30pmSEN Inclusion in the ClassroomMillwood

Upcoming Events


Greetings wise educators of Bury,

As the start of 2018 sees the exit of another education secretary with Justine Greening departing and Damian Hinds emerging through the revolving door; the long-term stability of the education sector seems as healthy as ever! Do not despair for 2018 will, like all years, have its challenges and tribulations. Despite all the difficulties within the DfE and Bury education (as you will be aware if you managed to attend the cluster meetings), the support from BPLC goes on.

You might remember (if you’re at least half as old as me) that the Bury Primary Learning Collaborative was set up in the spring term of 2011. However, 2017 brought such pressure to bear on local authorities that things had to change including the provision of the DTC building and staffing which in turn significantly impacts on the capacity of Bury MBC to continue to offer BPLC as an SLA.

However, the last thing that Headteachers and hard-pressed members of the school workforce need right now is another strand of the support network pulled like a rug from under your feet. So it was agreed by the board that the BPLC will undergo a metamorphosis, from caterpillar to butterfly, as it reforms with charitable status and becomes Bury Education Support & Training (BEST Trust). This Charitable Incorporated Organisation will be set up to serve you and protect you, so that you as members (all schools) and trustees (board members) will not have to contribute in the event of any financial loss. Our new BEST charity will be similar in many respects to the BPLC with regular local meetings to ensure that the service meets your training and support needs. We will continue to provide courses across the board as you request and facilitate schools cross-collaborating on local research projects. Furthermore we will continue to work and support all other providers helping you and the children of Bury to blossom and achieve full potential.

Finishing on a really positive note, due to savings made this year, the Board have agreed to a buyback SLA for 2018/19 for just half of your 2017/18 costs. A superb 50% reduction in your CPD cost next year. Quality and value in one swoop!!!