Summer 2019 Courses

23/04/20194.00pm – 6.00pmDrop-in session for Y6 English Writing Assessment/Moderation Higher Lane
24/04/20194.00pm – 6.00pmDrop-in session for Y6 English Writing Assessment/Moderation CC Walshaw
25/04/20194.00pm – 6.00pmDrop-in session for Y6 English Writing Assessment/Moderation GMFRS
23/05/20192.30pm – 5.30pmDrop In Session for KS1 National Curriculm AssessmentsGMFRS
06/06/20194.00pm – 5.30pmDrop In Session for KS1 National Curriculm AssessmentsUnsworth Primary
12/03/19, 01/05/19 & 21/05/193.00pm – 4.30pmHow to Effectively Use Electronic Learning JournalsUnsworth Primary
26/06/20194.00pm – 5.30pmTeaching Early Years PE through Favourite Story BooksHolcombe Brook Primary
04/07/20199.30am – 12noonEarly Years Lead MeetingsUnsworth Primary
04/07/20191.00pm – 3.30pmEarly Years Lead MeetingsUnsworth Primary
24/04/20191.15pm – 3.45pmEngaging parents at the point of transitionUnsworth Primary
09/05/20191.15pm – 3.45pmSustained shared thinkingUnsworth Primary
21/05/20191.15pm – 3.45pmPrime Time: Physical DevelopmentUnsworth Primary
25/06/20191.15pm – 3.45pmLetters and Sounds Phase 1Unsworth Primary
01/07/20191.15pm – 3.30pmTeachers new to Year 1Unsworth Primary
09/05/20199.30am – 3.30pmY4/5 Writing & Reading Unit – ‘One Boy’s War’ Bolholt Stables
23/05/20199.30a.m – 12 noonSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y1Holcombe Brook Primary
23/05/201912.30pm – 3.00pmSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y3Holcombe Brook Primary
25/06/20199.30a.m – 12 noonSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y4Holcombe Brook Primary
25/06/201912.30pm – 3.00pmSupporting Accurate Writing Assessment in Y5Holcombe Brook Primary
25/04/2019 & 26/04/199.00am – 4.00pmDesignated RequalificationBury Business Lodge
01/05/19, 02/05/19 & 03/05/199.00am – 4.00pmDesignated First Aid at WorkBury Business Lodge
13/05/20199.00am – 12.00pmFire Marshal/Fire SafetyBury Business Lodge
06/06/19 & 07/06/199.00am – 4.00pmPaediatric First AidBury Business Lodge
15/06/19 & 22/06/199.30am – 4.30pmPaediatric First AidBury Business Lodge
24/06/20199.00am – 4.00pmEmergency First Aid at WorkBury Business Lodge
03/07/20199.00am – 4.00pmFood Hygiene (inc Food Allergen)Bury Business Lodge
08/05/20198.30am – 12.30pmForbes Briefing – Handling ComplaintsVillage Hotel, Bury
19/06/20198.30am – 12.30pmForbes Briefing – Equality & DiversityVillage Hotel, Bury
30/04/20193.30pm – 6.00pmTimes Tables Test Y5Bolholt Stables
01/05/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths UKS2Bolholt Stables
02/05/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths KS1Bolholt Stables
07/05/20191.00pm – 4.00pmMaths LeadsBolholt Stables
08/05/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths LKS2Bolholt Stables
17/06/20191.00pm – 4.00pmSupporting DifferentationBolholt Stables
18/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths UKS2Bolholt Stables
19/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths LKS2Bolholt Stables
24/06/20191.00pm – 4.00pmPreparation for TransitionBolholt Stables
25/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmMastering Maths KS1Bolholt Stables
26/06/20193.30pm – 6.00pmEYFS MathsBolholt Stables
01/05/20199.30am – 3.30pmTeaching Very Young ScientistsHolcombe Brook Primary
26/06/20199.30am – 3.30pmFocusing on Key Concepts in Primary ScienceHolcombe Brook Primary
04/06/20191.30pm – 3.30pmCreating an Autism Friendly ClassroomMillwood
11/06/20198.45am – 3.15pmMoving & Handling TrainingMillwood
13/06/2019 & 02/07/20191.00pm -4.00pmNurtured Heart Approach for Guiding Intense BehaviourBolholt Stables
17/06/20191.30pm – 3.30pmMaking Workstation Tasks (ASC)Millwood
08/07/20191.30pm – 3.30pmPE for Children with Physical DifficultiesMillwood
09/07/20191.30pm – 3.30pmAttention AutismMillwood
15/07/20191.30pm – 3.30pmSEN Inclusion in the ClassroomMillwood

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