Letters & Sounds Phase 3

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £75

Target Group: Teachers or Teaching assistants in Reception or those practitioners supporting intervention groups in KS1/KS2

Course Leader: Clare Shivnan-Taylor, SLE/Phonics Lead

Course Information:

To understand how to teach the Letters and Sounds Phase 3 programme.
In Phase 3 children learn the remaining, more difficult and/or less commonly used phonemes. There are around 25 of these, depending on which scheme is followed, mainly made up of two letters such as /ch/, /ar/, /ow/ and /ee/.
Alongside this, children are taught to recognise more tricky words, including ‘me,’ ‘was,’ ‘my,’ ‘you’ and ‘they’. They learn the names of the letters, as well as the sounds they make. Activities might include learning mnemonics (memory aids) for tricky words, songs like the Alphabet Song and Vowel song.
By the end, they should be able to say the sound made by most, or all, Phase 2 and 3 graphemes, blend and read CVC words made from these graphemes, read 12 new tricky words and write letters correctly when given an example to copy.

Please see below for session dates and times

Reference PH01SP20A
Date Thursday 16th January 2020
Time 9.15am to 12pm
Location Christ Church CE Primary School


Reference PH01SP20B
Date Thursday 23rd January 2020
Time 9.15am to 12pm
Location Christ Church CE Primary School

Additional Information
Attendees are asked to arrive at the school by 9.15am to enable a prompt start to the session. Limited car parking is available on site with additional on-road parking opposite to the school.
Professional ID badges should be presented on arrival for the training.