Writing Unit George Layton Short Stories Y5/Y6

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £150

Target Group: Year 5 and 6 teachers, new to Year 5 and 6 teachers, literacy coordinators, KS2 leaders, assistant headteachers, teaching assistants working in upper KS2.

Y5/6 WRITING & READING UNIT – George Layton Short Stories

Writing Units Developmental Programme

Leader(s): Deborah Ainscoe, Headteacher & LA Moderator, Mike Ainscoe, former National Strategies Consultant

**Participants will receive a unique unit pack in addition to extensive IT resources that meet the expectations of the new national curriculum in a dynamic and stimulating manner, providing a fabulous collection of ideas and resources to inspire and promote creative writing and reading.**

Course Information:

George Layton short stories:
The Fib’ was George Layton’s first book. It tells funny, bittersweet stories about growing up in 1950’s Bradford where getting into trouble was much easier than getting out of it. The stories will be enhanced by looking at life in the 1950s to provide background and context to the stories.

The Long Walk is compared and contrasted with John Burningham’s ‘Grandpa’ and the lyrics from the hit song ‘Grandad’ (1970) sung by Clive Dunn. ‘The Holiday’ is set alongside the song lyrics to ‘Hello Mother, Hello Father’ (aka the Camp Granada song).

Themes within ‘The Balaclava Story’ (stealing) and ‘The Fib’ (dishonesty) will be expanded and developed to enrich and enhance children’s understanding and inspire writing for children at all abilities including those working at greater depth.

An exciting and extensive unit of work, including a wealth of differentiated resources, media and ICT, to develop reading and writing for Upper KS2

Reference WR01AU19
Date Tuesday 1st October 2019,
Time 9.30 to 3.30pm
Location TBC