Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Assessment training for Year 6 teachers

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £75

Target Group: Y6 Teachers

Course leaders: Shirley Thornton and members of the KS2 Moderation Team

Reference: AS02SP20
Date Thursday  23rd January 2020
Time 3.00pm to 5.30pm
Location Bolholt Stables Country Club

Course objectives:

To provide:

A review of writing with reference to national standards and exemplifications across EXS and GDS standards.

To support bespoke discussion with regards to standards assessment and possible teaching and learning implications based upon samples teachers bring to the session

Teachers are invited to bring a sample ‘borderline’ script and a ‘secure’ script for EXS and/or GDS – non-fiction (if possible), to support assessment discussions

Course content:

  • Key points and issues in both the assessment, and the teaching of writing around the EXS and GDS standards
  • Discussion based upon exemplification of these standards
  • Discussion focussed on participants’ selected sample scripts: assessment and possible next steps

*This is not statutory training so non-members will be charged £75 to attend