How to effectively use electronic learning journals

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £55

Target Group: All Early Years Foundation Stage teachers and practitioners

Course Leader: Liz Palmer

Course Information:

The focus will be the use of the Tapestry electronic learning journal.
The sessions will be informative and give practical support to practitioners developing their confidence in the use of the Tapestry electronic learning journal. It will enable practitioners to effectively support teaching and learning, meeting the needs of individuals and working with parents and families.

Course content:
1: How to maximise the use of Tapestry as an observation and assessment tool
2: How to manage the use of Tapestry in your early years setting to ensure quality
3: How to effectively use Tapestry with parents and families to support children’s learning at home

*Please note:
Practitioners will need to bring the electronic devises they use for their Tapestry electronic journal.                                      


Reference EY01AU19
Date Wednesday 11th September 2019
Time 4.15p.m to 5.45p.m
Location Unsworth Primary School