Grow Your Mindset staff training

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £150

Target Group: Staff training, suitable for all teaching staff.

*New for 2020!

Course Information:

This will be very reflective and we always work on staff mindsets first. Not only do we provide teachers and staff with the knowledge and theory of Growth Mindset we also provide strategies to develop a self awareness of how their own mindset can impact positively and negatively on themselves. We build on a range of aspects through our training which encompasses self reflection during each aspect as well as how to model and pass on a Growth Mindset attitude, belief and focus in the classroom.

In these sessions we cover:
1. Basic principles of a fixed and growth mindset
2. To understand what each mindset looks, sounds and feels like
3. The relationship between learning blocks and performance
4. Reflection on our own mindsets
5. Introduction to communication and growth mindset
Second session:
1. Benefits of a growth mindset in terms of our own health and wellbeing
2. The difference between learning and performance zones
3. Developing ourselves as role models
4. The use of language within the classroom
5. Ideas, resources and strategies to use (real tricks of the trade)

Please see below for session dates and times

Course leaders: Gemma Sanchez and Liz Cronshaw

Reference CU01SP20
Date Wednesday 22nd January 2020
Time 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Location Red Hall Hotel

Session 2 (participants must attend both sessions)

Reference CU01SP20
Date Monday 24th February 2020
Time 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Location Red Hall Hotel