Mary Myatt – Thinking about the curriculum from a leadership point of view

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £75

Target Group: Headteachers, deputies and members of the SLT

Course Leader: Mary Myatt
Mary Myatt is a well-known education adviser, writer and speaker. She works in schools talking to pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum. She maintains that there are no quick fixes and that great outcomes for pupils are not achieved through tick boxes. She writes and speaks at conferences about leadership, curriculum and school improvement.

Course information:

Questions to explore with Mary:
• Does our intent match our school vision?
• Are we ensuring an entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum for every child?
• How are we creating the time and space for teachers to develop the curriculum?
• What needs to be cut?
• What are we quality assuring?
• How will we know whether we have done a good job as far as the curriculum is concerned?

The curriculum: it’s top of everyone’s agenda right now. And that’s a good thing because the quality of what is offered to pupils is worth thinking about, reading about and talking about.
However, in order to do this work well, we need to think hard about how we are going to make the space and the time for it to happen properly. And that means taking a hard look at anything which is not adding value to learning and being prepared to cut it.  Mary Myatt

Reference LD02SP20
Date Wednesday 5th February 2020
Time 9.00am to 12.00pm
Location Red Hall Hotel