Science Subject Leads Training

Cost: Free to BEST Trust members or £75 per session to non-members. Cost will be reduced to £50 per session to schools booking 6 or more subject lead sessions per term.

Target Group: Primary Science Subject Leaders

Course Leader:Derek Stanley
Subject Leader Briefings delivered by School Improvement Liverpool Ltd (SIL) take place each term, providing national updates to further develop the role of the subject leader. They are an opportunity for subject leaders to ensure they are kept well informed about national policy, enhance their leadership skills and practice and support colleagues in school.
The Education Inspection Framework (EIF) launches in September 2019 and puts curriculum at the heart of inspection. To gather evidence for the new ‘Quality of Education’ judgement, inspectors will spend more time talking to leaders and the process will involve conversations with curriculum leaders at a subject-specific level about:
• Intent (how their subject is designed and sequenced)
• Implementation (teaching and learning)
• Impact (children’s knowledge, skills and understanding)
‘Deep Dives’ will be a significant aspect of inspection from September 2019 and, based on final findings from pilot inspections, SIL officers will support subject leaders to explore the elements of a ‘Deep Dive’.

Course Information:
Science briefings will also concentrate on progression within the specific domains: working scientifically, biology, physics and chemistry.
This will involve:
• What to look for when reviewing the science curriculum
• Developing an effective curriculum model to establish science at the core of the curriculum
• Developing practical science and effective approaches to working scientifically
• Developing a scientific vocabulary for effective scientific dialogue and writing
• Developing strategies for assessment in science
• Developing teachers’ subject knowledge

Reference SC01AU19
Date Thursday 12th September 2019
Time 2.30p.m to 5.00p.m
Location Sedgley Park RUFC, Park Lane, Whitefield
Reference SC01SP20
Date Tuesday 11th February 2020
Time 2.30pm to 5.00pm
Location Sedgley Park RUFC, Park Lane, Whitefield
Reference SC01SU20
Date Monday June 22nd 2020
Time 2.30pm to 5.00pm
Location TBC