Sensory Processing Difficulties – Autism

Cost: Free to members of BEST Trust otherwise £90

Target Group: SENCos, SSAs, Teachers, Mental health Leads,  EYFS, KS1 ,2

Course Leader: Karen Hogg & Katy Neild

Course Information:
A busy classroom can be an overwhelming environment for a child with sensory processing difficulties because of the level of noise, visual clutter, lack of space and need to be still. This makes it very difficult for them to learn. Understanding more about SPD can enable us to put simple, yet effective strategies into place to allow our children to be ready to learn.

1. What is sensory processing difficulty?
2. Overview of each sense and how children can be affected  
3. How we can help – strategies, resources and equipment available that can help children with SPD feel more regulated and ready to learn.
4. Workshops – how does it feel?  What it feels like to have a sensory processing difficulty.

Karen Hogg is an HLTA at Millwood with 24 years’ experience. She has worked with children with sensory processing difficulties in a sensory specific class for the last 9 years. Over that time she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from working alongside other SI therapists.

Katy Neild is an experienced teacher of children with autism, sensory processing difficulties and challenging behaviour. She is a specialist in supporting anxious learners and more difficult to reach children.

Reference SN08AU18
Date Tuesday 2nd  October 2018
Time 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Location GMFRS Fire & Safety Centre