Courses – Sub-Category

Reference Course Name Date(s) Location
TS9035687 Developing continuous provision in Year 1 28-09-2022 Unsworth Primary School
TS4113328 Junior Learning Letters and Sounds Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme Validated by DFE - Free introductory session 28-09-2022 BEST online training
TS4781455 Letters & Sounds Phase 2 - online session 29-09-2022 BEST online training
TS5345519 Quality assessment in the Early Years 29-09-2022
Unsworth Primary School
TS7165718 Letters & Sounds Phase 5 - online sessions 29-09-2022 BEST online training
TS2976596 SEND: Supporting Pupils with ADHD 29-09-2022 BEST online training
TS5232932 Letters & Sounds Phase 2 - online session 30-09-2022 BEST online training
TS8040686 EYFS Leaders Meeting 05-10-2022 BEST online training
TS8049816 EYFS Leaders Meeting 05-10-2022 BEST online training
TS6265048 Teaching Assistants Supporting Learning & Promoting Independence 05-10-2022 Christ Church Walshaw C.E. Primary School
TS6275131 Grammarsaurus - The Place Value of Punctuation and Grammar 06-10-2022 Village Hotel Bury
TS174432 Grammarsaurus - Embedding spelling, punctuation and grammar into the writing curriculum to make learning stick 06-10-2022 Village Hotel, Bury
TS7132552 Letters & Sounds Phase 5 - online sessions 06-10-2022 BEST online training
TS8374488 Y5/Y6 SHORT WRITING & READING UNIT - Spooky Stories 06-10-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS5002857 Autism – Supporting Children and Young People in the school Setting 06-10-2022 BEST online training
TS1298849 virtual Designated Safeguarding Lead Training certified course 07-10-2022 KD Online training
TS2035367 Subject Leads Meeting - Maths 12-10-2022 BEST online training
TS7138328 Letters & Sounds Phase 5 - online sessions 13-10-2022 BEST online training
TS8635081 Developing Maths Leaders to develop reasoning in school 13-10-2022 BEST online training
TS3510324 Subject Lead meeting - Science 13-10-2022 BEST online training
TS5216091 New to Y2 13-10-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS4345405 Supporting Children’s Mental Health in the School Setting 13-10-2022 BEST online training
TS5235913 Letters & Sounds Phase 2 - online session 14-10-2022 BEST online training
TS4415787 Redefining Assessment - 3 linked joint practice development sessions 14-10-2022
Unsworth Primary School
TS1537815 The SEL Series - Why is Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) becoming a cornerstone of an effective curriculum? 14-10-2022 BEST online training
TS5313143 EYFS Maths 18-10-2022 BEST online training
TS3733965 Subject Lead meeting - PE 19-10-2022 BEST online training
TS9193511 SEND: Dyslexia - Supporting Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties 20-10-2022 BEST online training
TS8594098 Virtual Governor Safeguarding Training 20-10-2022 KD Online training
TS8555402 The SEL Series - Getting pupil learning behaviours right 01-11-2022 Unsworth Primary School
TS8393835 Primary Headteacher Briefing 01-11-2022 BEST online training
TS9350849 What you need to do now for Y6 Maths SATs in May 01-11-2022 BEST online training
TS1229865 KS1 Writing Unit: Supertato 02-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS4285782 Quality, every day learning outdoors 03-11-2022
Unsworth Primary School
TS5848563 New to Y6 03-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS8836281 Virtual School Safeguarding Training Foundation/Refresher Level Twilight sessions 03-11-2022
KD Online training
TS7337753 Maths: Daily Retrieval Practice in Year 1 and 2 08-11-2022 BEST online training
TS6398953 Behaviour management for children with ASC and complex needs 09-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS5683853 Y2 Drop-In 09-11-2022 Ribble Drive Primary School
TS7868105 Continuing in Year 1 - Developing role play Year 1 10-11-2022 Unsworth Primary School
TS5198920 Maths: Daily Retrieval Practice in Year 3 and 4 14-11-2022 BEST online training
TS5189603 Maths: Daily Retrieval Practice in Year 5 and 6 15-11-2022 BEST online training
TS2728421 Sensory Processing 16-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS4376941 Every day and everywhere maths 16-11-2022
Unsworth Primary School
TS9052290 Developing Maths Leaders to develop problem solving in school 16-11-2022 BEST online training
TS402081 Subject Lead meeting - English 16-11-2022 BEST online training
TS8577988 Y5/Y6 SHORT WRITING & READING UNIT - Pirates 17-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS6777347 Childhood Trauma – Understanding its Impact on Learning and Developing Trauma Informed Practice 17-11-2022 BEST online training
TS9314936 Subject Lead meeting - DT 21-11-2022 BEST online training
TS5270483 Communication and Language 23-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS8046835 EYFS Leaders Meeting 23-11-2022 BEST online training
TS3412330 EYFS Leaders Meeting 23-11-2022 BEST online training
TS2725003 Physical development in the early years 24-11-2022 Unsworth Primary School
TS4199400 Subject Lead meeting - Art 24-11-2022 BEST online training
TS1090027 Responding to Self Harm – Self Injury – Basic Awareness Course 24-11-2022 BEST online training
TS9928208 The SEL Series - Promoting curiosity in the classroom as a hook for learning 25-11-2022 Unsworth Primary School
TS7543908 Subject Lead meeting - History 29-11-2022 BEST online training
TS8043693 Y6 Early Drop-in 29-11-2022 Radcliffe Hall C.E./Methodist Primary School
TS7007540 Subject Lead meeting - Geography 30-11-2022 BEST online training
TS2066563 First Aid at Work Requalification (blended learning course) 07-12-2022 Bury Business Lodge
TS4067544 School leader Conference - Expressions of Interest 08-03-2023
Lakeside Hotel, Newby Bridge, Cumbria