Courses – Sub-Category

Reference Course Name Date(s) Location
TS6275131 Grammarsaurus - The Place Value of Punctuation and Grammar 06-10-2022 Village Hotel Bury
TS174432 Grammarsaurus - Embedding spelling, punctuation and grammar into the writing curriculum to make learning stick 06-10-2022 Village Hotel, Bury
TS8374488 Y5/Y6 SHORT WRITING & READING UNIT - Spooky Stories 06-10-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS2035367 Subject Leads Meeting - Maths 12-10-2022 BEST online training
TS3510324 Subject Lead meeting - Science 13-10-2022 BEST online training
TS4415787 Redefining Assessment - 3 linked joint practice development sessions 14-10-2022
Unsworth Primary School
TS1537815 The SEL Series - Why is Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) becoming a cornerstone of an effective curriculum? 14-10-2022 BEST online training
TS3733965 Subject Lead meeting - PE 19-10-2022 BEST online training
TS8555402 The SEL Series - Getting pupil learning behaviours right 01-11-2022 Unsworth Primary School
TS9052290 Developing Maths Leaders to develop problem solving in school 16-11-2022 BEST online training
TS402081 Subject Lead meeting - English 16-11-2022 BEST online training
TS8577988 Y5/Y6 SHORT WRITING & READING UNIT - Pirates 17-11-2022 Higher Lane Primary School
TS9314936 Subject Lead meeting - DT 21-11-2022 BEST online training
TS4199400 Subject Lead meeting - Art 24-11-2022 BEST online training
TS7543908 Subject Lead meeting - History 29-11-2022 BEST online training
TS7007540 Subject Lead meeting - Geography 30-11-2022 BEST online training